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Ager, Water, Indian ink, Bacteria,


We try every way to travel across the ocean.
We swim, sail, mail, bridge, Moss telegraph, fly, net-surf and so on.
If these methods all fail, how can we travel across the ocean?
It is said that, the continents were connected as a whole a long time ago. The crust movement divided it into several large pieces, and created a lot of islands during the process.
In recent years, frequent earthquakes and volcanic activities make people feel the movement of the crust. For example, the last earthquake in Japan was not of huge amplitude, but Japan did have a slight movement.
We can imagine that such kind of movement would engender a new land.
Maybe one day all come back into one single continent, and the sea nowadays would turn into the forest.
We can imagine that such kinds of things, which could be waited slowly, are an important reflection of the harmonious development of human society.



かつて大陸は一つに繋がっていましたが、地殻変動により大陸が分かれ、その過程の中で小さな島ができ現在のポジションになっています。 近年、地震や火山活動等が世界中で頻繁に起こり、さらなる地殻変動の時期がやって来ているように感じられます。



Walk on the sea   /  53美術館  



後援  日本広州領事館  

主催  53美術館


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