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Artist statement


My expression is about the change after carrying out things completion. .
It is made as main materials using agar, cement, or a mold, and it changes with time or management. Although the thing which looks at the work and which is visible in are sometimes alike changes, simple it has left the spectator the fundamental and universal element of man or society.
It shows about the contents from which the state where it is changing does not change, or its contrary.

My works on the scene of contemporary art is suggesting about existence of 'whether being visible and that frame not appearing', and 'whether it changing and that content not changing'. In order to attain my role, it is necessary to investigate how they are mutually related in various environments. The starting point of my creative thought is about all the frames in the world. For example, it exists in a country, a community, a school, society, a house, a book, clothes, a human body, and all things.
It is difficult for people to acquire the standard of action or thinking without having a frame. We are going in and out of consciousness and frame various while it is unconscious. And the frame is treated as an autotelic place.

The frame resembles the borderline. It becomes the origin, which is made by stress and completed about the relation of the intensity of the outside of a frame, and an inner side, or the structure of a frame.
I must grope for a method to express at the same time‘build’and ’broken’. It is my idea and concept, and in order to express the inside, the purpose, and feeling which I got at the specific place in the process to make, I think that it is important.
From now on, the state by it 'which making breaks' and 'which breaking makes' where it was expressed results to previous time for a while.
I hope to include the sensational change in the view of the position value that a work is useful for a spectator.

Takako YAMAGUCH 2015

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