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Two way

Curtain, silver thread, 



About a territorial problem of this land.

This place became Territory of neighboring city 45 years ago.

At last the land returned has become the place that put on a cool air toward a local person.

About a sign of land returning to original place current .



One way

Electric light



About displacement of the time.



In all directions


Each H65xW40xD40cm x10


Breeze blowing from 10 fan. But, Wind is not blowing in the room for each facing a different direction. When you look out, you can show the swaying trees by the wind.




8mm Projector, Grid paper, Acrylic paint



I was painting in the shape of projected light.

Thereafter, it is moved a few meters point, I was projecting the light.



Three way

Black-out curtain, Exhibition Shelf of museum



The blackout curtain had been bundled in the room has not been used long time.

When I softly spread the curtain.  Beautiful striped pattern emerged in the backside of the curtain. the white part was bleached by sunlight. I put away progress of the beautiful time in Three Exhibition shelf.


Transfer Land / 渡される(移される)土地(世界) 


It is a two-artist exhibition at the Closed down elementary school in the important land for the history of Japan. 

I have five exhibition place in such as classrooms and lecture hall.  hear


2014 Transfer Land / 渡される(移される)土地(世界)  旧門谷小学校 japan


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