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If we can talk to by the Bacteria, Do you think that is interesting? 

Also, Communication is not just for humane. Biologist Researchers discovered to the tree to talk to the next tree by the bacteria in basement. Humans also have a lot of coexistence bacteria. The number is about 10 trillions. It surrounds inside and outside for us. 


We have too fast information exchange now.

I have found this sentence in English textbooks when I was a high school student.


     " Now we have much more knowledge of the world in which we live. By opening TV, newspaper or magazine, we can find out immediately local or world news. We can watch events taking place in UK, Europe, Australia, or almost anywhere else. By call a telephone, we can speak with people around the world.

Communication technology also allows us to share what we know. Anyone with knowledge can communication it to others to increase our store of learning. In short, communication technology allows us to share our discoveries and truths."


      It was the text of the time still the Internet did not spread to home. Also we had not mobile.

In recent years biotechnology has evolved, after 30 or 40 years has been also said that biotechnology revolution to occur in our life is completely changed. As the Internet revolution has occurred in the 1970s.


Art and music from long time ago than also has been suggested the possibility of the transmission and communication of nonverbal.

The same kind of sympathy I have the possibility of bacteria.


If we can talk to use by bacteria, it is possible to tell that it was not able to tell in words. Do you think that will help the medical and aging society?


I like to know about the error caused by communication.

The word is always far away.

Miss of communication will sometimes make a real.

Or a true inside of the person,

And time is also possible to know the true meaning at a later.

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