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This cityi have a lot of paper factory in Japan. It is produced separately to process by the factory.


I rent shredder paper'Gold' and 'silver' for one of them the factory 'FUJIKAWA Corporation' . When I found, the cut has been paper, was very hard tangled.

I wanted to straighten the paper. When asking for help to a woman.

She was accepted kindly to the works to straighten the silver paper. but the works very difficult. Then, A lot of help came to her. Nearby friends, friends of friends, also passerby, some people came to Miteingu of work, the most of all women.

may be I was thinking it's works will take the 10days. But They were completed in only three days.

It reminded me, long time ago 'JIROCHO' Lived in this land. 


Silver paper is wound the straight, All connect by the myself, Left image the paper bundle is when disentangle,the shape of a single ring.

It is in the form of a ’Möbius loop’. Gold paper is indicates of initial of tangled form.











Cooperation: FUJIKAWA Corporation, YOSHIKAWA, Knit shop Kusagaya,  KANBARA Woman, and more Volunteer

2014 FUJINOYAMA Biennale    

Text, Photo, Drawing,
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