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About the Overlaps of the history of the land.

This video work was taken the alcove of the more than a 100 years old wooden house in the city of Kiryu.
This image was taken Rising sun of the ride for a moment on the walls of the old alcove.
Projecting images of the "alcove" wall on wall Kiryu Chamber of Commerce, the projection of the "rising sun" at light of the projector light.
You look closely at the work, we will be able to capture the light that appear once in 25-30 seconds.
Then, I will be able to find a real light in this location.
I hope that this work will lead on local points to the future of "light".

In all direction


Each H65xW40xD40 cm X 10


8 mm projector,Acrylic, grid paper, catering table 



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